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Cam profile: We are born with a cry, we die with a scream. It remains only to live with laughter.
– The boy who laughs (Victor Hugo)
Sometimes laughter is the only way to remain free, I have been using this for fairly some time. Regularly, in reaction to rudeness and failure, just smirk and the world will become a tiny better. For me, the primary and secondary schools, the difficult relationships with classmates, the heightened sense of justice, struggles with folks and the destructive scandals with chicks were a phat tension. But I had an outlet – I enjoyed singing, drawing and playing basketball. Professors always took me to all kinds of performances and competitions. Then I learned about the spirit of competition. It’s always uber-cute to be the finest at everything. Uber-cute to be a winner. But if it doesnt work out, you can just grin at the face of failure. One of the reasons for such an effortless attitude to life is Eduard Asadov, a man who influenced my worldview too radically. Even in translation into foreign languages, this poet gropes the soul. But, despite the ease in life and mettle, I love intense films. After, 1 + 1, Fight Club, Always Say Yes. I observed these films more than Ten times and always advise you to see them. Perhaps the love and craving for such films influenced my choice of life. Now I am examining as a psychologist and this is one of my hobbies, I love psychology with all my heart. I can recommend a good book to people whose interests are similar to mine – “13 fragments of personality” and “Games that people play.” Enjoy reading 🙂 What you need to know about me is that I am a person of mood. At one point, from deep thought, I can engage in a dialogue about everything in a row. Walking around the city, I can buy a one-way ticket and in an hour already go somewhere. In the middle of the night I can quietly fill up and go to the sea or to the forest. And I also enjoy nature, the sound of trees and grass, the singing of birds and the atmosphere of un-fucking-real cosiness and peace. And farther. The main thing that I expect from you in return is your smile and kind words. Enjoy yourself, me and chocolate. Love you, smooch you, hug you:)

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